Work permit


A foreigner, a citizen of a country outside the European Union, has the right to work on the basis of a visa or a temporary residence permit. Additionally, a foreigner must have a work permit issued...

Seasonal work permit


An employer who intends to employ a foreigner may submit an application for a seasonal work permit. Such a permit gives the foreigner the right to work for a period not longer than 9 months in a...

Application for employment by a citizen of Ukraine


If a Ukrainian citizen entered the territory of the Republic of Poland due to an armed conflict, the employer is obliged to notify the poviat labor office within 14 days that the citizen of Ukraine...

Statement on entrusting the performance of work


On the basis of the declaration on entrusting the performance of work to a citizen of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus and Russia, they have the right to work in Poland for a period not longer than...

Appeal against the decision

Citizenship Permanent residence Temporary residence Work

A foreigner who has received the voivode's decision and is not satisfied with it, may submit a written appeal within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the...

Economic activity


A foreigner who plans to run a business in Poland and meets certain conditions, has the right to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Posting of an employee


Employers from outside the European Union of third countries may post their employees to work temporarily in Poland. The provisions concerning, inter alia, the legality of the stay and work of...

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