Temporary residence

Change of employer

Temporary residence

After the amendment to the Act on foreigners pursuant to Article 120, a foreigner may apply for a change in the decision concerning the entity entrusting the performance of...

Performance of work

Temporary residence

A foreigner has the right to obtain a temporary residence permit based on employment in Poland. A temporary residence card is issued for a specified period of time and for work with a specific...

Stay with a citizen of the Republic of Poland

Temporary residence

The permit is granted to a foreigner married to a Polish citizen. A permit granted to a foreigner, a spouse of a Polish citizen, entitles him to work without the need to have an additional work...

Taking up or continuing full-time studies

Temporary residence

While studying or continuing education in Poland full-time, a foreigner has the right to obtain a temporary residence permit. To obtain a permit, a foreigner must meet the relevant...

Conducting research or development work

Temporary residence

A foreigner with at least one professional title corresponding in Poland to a master's degree or its equivalent, enabling him to apply for a doctoral degree, the purpose of which is to conduct...

Running a business

Temporary residence

A foreigner who plans to run a business in Poland and meets certain conditions, has the right to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Stay with a foreigner

Temporary residence

Family members of a foreigner who has a residence permit in Poland (wife / husband, minor child) may obtain a temporary residence permit.

Appeal against the decision

Temporary residence Citizenship Work Permanent residence

A foreigner who has received the voivode's decision and is not satisfied with it, may submit a written appeal within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the...

Participation in an internship

Temporary residence

A temporary residence permit for interns may be granted to foreigners whose purpose is to complete an internship in Poland, and the internship is organized by an institution approved by the minister...

Refusal to initiate proceedings

Temporary residence Citizenship Permanent residence

The foreigner is refused to initiate proceedings on granting a permanent residence permit if the foreigner has not met any of the conditions on the day of submitting the application for such a...

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