Permanent residence

Termination of the permit

Permanent residence

permanent residence permit is granted for an indefinite period, but the residence card must be replaced with a new one every 10 years. The application for the extension of the permanent residence...

Replacement of a residence card

Permanent residence

The residence card is replaced in the event of: change of data on the existing residence card, change of image, loss or damage of the card. In the case of obtaining a long-term resident's EU...

EU Resident Status

Permanent residence

The long-term resident's EU residence permit is a permit entitling to permanent residence in Poland. Such permits are issued for an indefinite period of time. Having a long-term resident's EU...

Polish roots

Permanent residence

A foreigner declaring Polish nationality and meeting the following conditions may be considered a person of Polish origin. If at least one parents or grandparents or two great-grandparents were of...

Appeal against the decision

Citizenship Permanent residence Temporary residence Work

A foreigner who has received the voivode's decision and is not satisfied with it, may submit a written appeal within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the...

Refusal to initiate proceedings

Citizenship Permanent residence Temporary residence

The foreigner is refused to initiate proceedings on granting a permanent residence permit if the foreigner has not met any of the conditions on the day of submitting the application for such a...

Withdrawal of the permit

Permanent residence

The permanent residence permit is withdrawn, e.g. if the foreigner submitted false personal data or false information when submitting the application, when required by the interest of the Republic...

Pole’s card

Permanent residence

The Pole's Card is a document confirming the foreigner's belonging to the Polish nation. However, in order to be able to cross the borders of Poland, a foreigner must have a visa, issued on the basis...

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