By the power of law


Under Polish law, a minor child may obtain citizenship if at least one of the child's parents is a Polish citizen or if the parents of a child born in Poland are unknown, do not have any citizenship...

Loss of citizenship


You can lose Polish citizenship only in the event of resignation. The application for renunciation of Polish citizenship may be submitted in person or by post. After the decision of the President of...

Recognition as a citizen


Recognition of a foreigner as a Polish citizen takes place if the foreigner has submitted an application for recognition as a citizen and meets at least one of the conditions. In order to be...

Restoration of citizenship


If a foreigner previously had Polish citizenship, but lost it before January 1, 1999, he has the right to apply for restoration of citizenship. To this end, the foreigner must provide information,...

Appeal against the decision

Citizenship Permanent residence Temporary residence Work

A foreigner who has received the voivode's decision and is not satisfied with it, may submit a written appeal within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the...

Granting citizenship


The President of the Republic of Poland may grant citizenship to any foreigner, if the foreigner submits an application for granting citizenship. A refusal to grant citizenship does not have to be...

Refusal to initiate proceedings

Citizenship Permanent residence Temporary residence

The foreigner is refused to initiate proceedings on granting a permanent residence permit if the foreigner has not met any of the conditions on the day of submitting the application for such a...

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