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Permanent residence permit and Polish citizenship

I have a friend, who lives in Poland since 1966. He studied in Poland till 1972. He went to Polish Language School for foreigners. After graduation, he had no temporary residence permit, it means he stayed in Poland illegally. In 1989-1990 he got a permanent residence permit.

Your issue is regulated by the Law of 2 April 2009 on Polish Citizenship. According to the Art.30 of Law on Polish Citizenship alien shall be recognized as Polish citizen if he has resided over the period of at least 3 years within the territory of the Republic of Poland, where such an uninterrupted residence is legal under a long term resident&rsquos EC residence permit, or a right of permanent residence and who has a stable and regular source of income and a legal title to inhabitable premises within the territory of the Republic of Poland.&nbsp
The application for the conferral of Polish citizenship shall include the information concerning the command of the Polish language by the alien. For the citizenship to be acknowledged, the alien shall prove linguistic skill by the official certificate regulated in Article 11a of the Law of 7 October 1999 r. on the Polish Language (OJ No. 90, item. 999, as amended), a certificate of general education issued by a school in the Republic of Poland or any other school where Polish is the language of instruction.
Acknowledgment of Polish citizenship shall be conditional on application by the alien or by the statutory guardian of the minor. The application for the acknowledgment of Polish citizenship shall be filed with the Regional Governor.
Assuming that your friend has a job and a legal title to inhabitable premises, he needs to pass the polish language exam (knowledge at the basic level). According to the Law on Higher Education graduating studies of polish language cannot be regarded as obtaining higher education.

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  1. Tony says:

    Good Morning,My wife and I are British Citizens and wish to enquire about Polish Citizenship. We are retired, own a house in Piechowice Poland, have Pesel numbers, and pay Polish Taxes. We currently have five-year residence permits, which are due for renewal in January of 2021My grandparents on both sides were Polish as well as my mother. I have cousins in Poland.My wife is British with no blood ties to Poland. We have been married for 45 years and plan to live in Poland for the long term.Can you be so kind to advise on the prospects of my wife and I obtaining Polish citizenship, together with the associated time frames?Kind Regards,Tony Kluge

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